These transfers can be applied to garments using a Heat Press or Iron.

Just Google or You Tube for step by step instruction. 


*No refunds or exchanges UNLESS defective.


Perferred care method: 
Wash item by hand inside out. Use warm not hot water. A very little of mild detergent. Do not soak embellished clothing in water for more than a few minutes. Do not twist or wring the embellished garment. After you rinse it, transfer the rinsed item to the empty washing machine. Use the GENTLE CYCLE.SPIN ONLY setting. For heavy clothing such as jeans you can spin out the garment twice. This removes the excess water without twisting or wringing the fabric which stresses the stones. Hang it to air dry. Do not hang outside if it’s hot. Direct sunlight and heat should be avoided.

After the item has dried, you may place in the dryer on low for 5 minutes (no more) to fluff out the fabric so it doesn't have that stiff feel from air dry. 

Trojans Rhinestone Transfer Sheet (Garment not included)

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